Norbee W-Day.

Last night I, together with two wonderful person, Sarah Hernyzar (sister) and Mohd Hafizhzar (brother) went to an elegant romantic sweet wedding of Che Wan Safuan and Norbi Akma. They had been together for about 11 years (if im not mistake since form 4). Im so glad knowing both of them since they are so nice and a very lovely couple. They also actually my bos, wink :). Nothing much tosay since I was surprise with all the decoration are so elegant and rich together with the food served are so delicious and variety. So lets have a view on their wedding :).

It's THEM! - Mr. Che Wan Safuan and Mrs. Norbi Akma in their funny face, sweet okay!.

Me at the walk away to the pelamin, haaa nampak tak tinggi kat situ, hehe.

Their GuestBook, nice :).

Of course I will wrote something here, and this is the result. The best thing is it comes together with polaroid  picture, thehe. 

The pelamin, superr niceee with all the flowersss (nampak tak banyak 'ssss' tu, makna nya AWESOME!!).

The groom, Mr. Che Wan Safuan and the bride, Mrs. Norbi Akma.

Of course me with the bride :)), she gorgeous okay!.

Sister with the bride :).

With lovely Fatin Suhana :).

Last picture for the day, with my sleeping partner, Acuyang :).

That all for tonite, really have a wonderful bling bling night yesterday, hehe.
Till then, Sweet Dream and GoodNight Earthlings :)).

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